#FilmFriday: “Alien: Covenant” (2017)



The epitome of the monstrous-feminine returns once again in Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant (2017). Battling the ethics of creationism and artificial insemination, the film once more (like its cinematic predecessors) showcases the thematic horrors associated with the mutilation of birth and the female body.  Alien: Covenant, as a whole, was successful in melding the mythos of Prometheus (2012) with characters and a storyline that reflects the original.  However, the film lost its genuine sense of horror from a lack of suggestive camera work, mysterious ambiance, and the noticeably unrealistic CGI xenomorphs. The original had better effects in my opinion. So let’s please go back to the beauty of prosthetic makeup and figures! Especially for all the wonderful ooze and goo.

Anyways…Daniels (Katherine Waterston), a strong central female protagonist, acts as a much-missed replacement of Ripley. Nevertheless, Michael Fassbender carries the weight of the film by providing phenomenal performances as two opposing androids, David (from Prometheus) and Walter. Walter, who is more of a humanist, defies David’s incessant desire for revenge on mankind. His lust to punish his creators drives him into psychotic obsession. Much like the crazed Dr. Frankenstein, David experiments and procreates several xenomorph hybrids in hopes to develop the most genetically superior species to serve as destructive entities.

If it wasn’t for its foundation of a great story, Alien: Covenant would surely fail to impress audiences with its lacking visual effects. Still, the film is an entertaining continuation of an insightful and engaging series bringing existential questions to light. As a great improvement from Prometheus, Covenant regains its roots to the original and I look forward to see how this pre-series develops in the next installment. In my opinion, Alien: Covenant is not a film that will astonish but is a solid 7 out of 10.

Not to give any significant spoiler, but a few things to learn from this cinematic addition:

  1. Scientists need to stop idiotically poking foreign flora and fauna
  2. Always honor quarantine precautions
  3. Never trust an android


What are your thoughts on Alien: Covenant?

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