#ExploratoryPhotography: Pine Bluff, Arkansas



While visiting family in Arkansas, I returned to Pine Bluff, a town I’ve been familiar with since childhood. It is a fascinating city that showcases a time that was once prosperous and fell into a period of decay. I find the area beautiful as it battles to preserve parts of its history as corporate chains take over. Although I had little time in Pine Bluff, there were several subjects that held an intricate story.

For instance, the Sunbeam billboard has deep roots in the past of Pine Bluff. “Miss Sunbeam”, despite needing some repairs, has been swinging at the head of Main Street for over 70 years. Another fascinating sight I came across was an abandoned school bus that (according to some locals) a man inhabited until he passed away. The eerie bus reminded me of the one that Twisty the clown of American Horror Story: Freak Show (2014) used to hold his victims captive.

Below are a few shots from my mini-exploration.

The following images are captured by a Canon 60D

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